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Dear Friends,
Welcome the “Taichung Airport Global Website”. “Taichung Airport Global Website” fully respects your personal privacy and will protect it. To help you understand how the “Taichung Airport Global Website” protects your online benefits, please read below information carefully:

The Scope of the Privacy Protection Policy
The content of the Privacy Protection Policy includes how the personal identification data collected during your utilization of our website will be processed.
The Privacy Protection Policy does not apply to other relevant linked websites from our Website; it does not apply to the management personnel that are not directly commissioned by or involved in the Website.

The Collection and Utilization of Data
In order to provide the best interactive services on this Website, you may be asked to provide the relevant personal data, including:  

The Protection of Data
The Website servers are all set up with relevant data security equipment and mandatory safety protection measures, including firewalls and anti-virus systems, using the strictest protection procedures to ensure the safety of the Website’s and your own personal data.
Our Website has adopted strict protection measures that only authorized personnel will have access to your personal data, and all relevant processing agents have signed a confidentiality agreement. Anyone who has violated the confidentiality agreement will be penalized legally.
As a result of business needs, should it be necessary to appoint other relevant offices to provide services for the Website, we will also strictly demand them to adhere to confidentiality obligations and adopt necessary checking procedure to ensure that the confidentiality obligations are followed.

External links on the Website
The pages of this Website provide links to other websites, and therefore, when clicking links within our website, you may connect to other websites. However, the Privacy Protection Policy does not apply to the other websites. You should refer to the privacy protection policies of the linked websites.

Use of Cookies
In order to provide you the best service, this Website will place and access our cookies in your computer. If you do not wish to accept the writing of our cookies, you may set your privacy level to high under the browser function. Although this will automatically refuse the writing of cookies, it may also cause dysfunction on some of the website features.

Amendments to the Privacy Protection Policy
The Privacy Protection Policy of this Website may be amended as required at anytime. Amended articles will be published on the Website.