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Borrowing of Baby stroller

Borrowing of Baby stroller

The borrowing and recycling processes:

Location Map Departure

  1. Passenger shall register their “boarding pass” (information shall include: a. the airline company; b. flight number; c. flight-taking time; d. seat number etc.) and contact number in the baby stroller lending list. Upon receipt of the lending information, the personnel at the service desk will pass passenger’s information to the airline company and will inform the airport security. The airline company will cooperate to recycle the baby stroller before the boarding.
  2. Passenger may use the baby stroller outside the control area and reach inside of the control area with it. They shall pass baby stroller to the airline personnel and the airline company will return it to the service desk.
Passenger Service Counter



Location Map Arrival

  1. When the arrival passenger has a demand for baby stroller, his or her airline company shall apply for the registration at Ever Rich D.F.S. Corporation’s arrival service center on the 2nd floor.
  2. The airline company applied for the baby stroller application shall pass relevant information to personnel at arrival’s baggage claim area. The personnel shall then collect the baby stroller afterwards and return it to the arrival service center on the 2nd floor.


Regulations of using the baby stroller

  1. It is only for one baby / child aged from 1 to 36 months (within 20 KG).
  2. After the child sits inside the carriage, please fasten the seatbelt and avoid placing object on the canopy or handle as it may lose the center of gravity and cause toppling over accident.
  3. It is a must to use the elevator to go up and down the floor. It is a must not to use the stairs or escalator.
  4. It is a must to properly use and take care of the baby stroller. In case of any missing or damage, the borrower is liable for repair or compensation.
  5. The recycling unit shall ensure that the baby stroller is returned to the lending premise. If not, the recycling unit is liable to find it back or compensate the baby stroller. 

Service line: 04-26155000#4200 (Passenger Service Counter)

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