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Public Art

Public Art

《Movement 10》 Florian Claar / Artfield

The imagination inspired by the work could be flight in the Space, the travel in the future, or the yearning for the unfathomable Universe.  Like a vessel in science fiction movie, Florian’s work leads us to a go on a voyage toward the mystical future.

Side of the Movement 10 Front of the Movement 10


《Speeding》Hsu Tsung-Chieh / Artfield

The work is above the escalator in front of the checking point.  It creates a sense of movement in time and space, a sequence contrast of abstract and realistic, void and solid, light and shadow.  The dialogue between the body, space and art, stimulates the emotion of the travelers.


Speeding - Taichung Speeding - airplane


《Old Memory & Dream of Flight》Yoichi Takada / Artfield

We long for flight as free and light as a pedal, a leaf, a bird or a dragonfly.  It is a dream from the distant memory of the childhood.  The works move gracefully with the current, representing the image of a harmonious balance between nature and human civilization.


Old Memory & Dream of Flight - Remote photo Old Memory & Dream of Flight - Recent photo

《Cool Churning Clouds》Tsai Wen-Hsiang/GA Design Communications

As if encountering clouds on a plane, this artwork invites spectators to let their imagination run wild. The white installations, high and low, hung here and there in the airport terminal. Simple, modern and flowy, they give a wonderful feeling of seeing clouds during a flight.

Cool Churning Clouds-1 Cool Churning Clouds-2
Cool Churning Clouds-3 Cool Churning Clouds-4

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