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Basic Information

Basic Information

Basic Information
Opening Hours: 06:00~Arrival of the last flight(CURFEW 23:00~07:00)
Geographical Location: Taichung City, R.O.C. (Taiwan)
Longitude: 120°37′15″
Latitude: 24°15′54″
Total Surface: 88,445square meters
Terminal Building(s): Two; the surface of the domestic terminal is 10,054 m2; the surface of the international terminal is 25,015 m2.
Runway: Length: 3,659m; width: 61m.
Apron(s): Surface: 88,445 m2, with 11 aprons、7 remote aprons and 5 helipads.
Basic Information

Airport Emblem

Design Concept of the Airport Emblem:
Station emblem
  1. It has integrated the imagery of hub with the concept of flight taking off to symbolize Taichung the hub of Asia-Pacific. Besides, the emblem also shows the Chinese character of “Chung”, which comes from “Tai-Chung”.
  2. Between the aircraft and the aviation arc, the color of orange represents the vitality of Taichung City, purple represents a stable development, and yellow represents the warm and passionate service.

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