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Cycling Tour

Cycling in Taiwan

Let's take some time out of our busy lives and enjoy the thrill of speeding along outside the city with the wind in our hair.

Taichung City

Taichung City has many cycle paths that offer riders a pleasant ride through countryside, along the coast and through fields full of flowers, and are suitable for all the family.
  1. Dongfeng Bicycle Green Way
  2. Hou-Feng Bike Path
  3. Tanya Shen Green Bikeway
  4. Taichung County Road 136 Bicycle Path
  5. Jiahou Line Bicycle Path
  6. Fengyuan Boulevard Bicycle Path
  7. Taichung City Mountain Line Bikeway
  8. Hanxi Riverside Bikeway
  9. Caohu River Bicycle Path
  10. Toubiankeng River Embankment Bikeway
  11. Gan River Bicycle Path
  12. Taichung City Seaside Bikeway
  13. Taichung City Seaside Bikeway – Dajia Section
  14. Taichung City Seaside Bikeway – Daan Section
  15. Gaomei Seawall Bikeway
  16. Port of Taichung Lingang Road Bikeway
  17. Longjing Embankment Bikeway
  18. Bianzitou Embankment Bikeway
  19. Riverside Bikeways System
  20. Round-island Cycling Route No. 1 (Taichung Section)
  21. Cycling Route No. 1-4 Central Taiwan Coastal Branch
Taichung City

Maoli County:Outdoor sports

  1. Tongluo Bike Trail
Maoli County

Changhua County

  1. Chuanzhou Liao Bike Leisure Zone
  2. Changhua County Bike Route
Changhua County


Sun Moon Lake Bikeway:Around-Lake Bikeway Low-Carbon Tour
  1. Xiangshan Section
  2. Moon Lake Section
  3. Toushe Bikeway
  4. Ita Thao Section
  5. Shuishe Section

Chiayi County & Chiayi City

  1. Baolu Bike Path
  2. Puzih Creek Bicycle Trail
  3. Manzhu Bike Path
  4. Chiayi City Bike Tour Map

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