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International Freight Information

International Freight Information

The plane freight station invested and built by Mandarin Airlines is sized 660 meter squares in surface and 10 meters in height.

With an annual handling volume over 10,000 metric tons, this steel structure building is built for warehousing and office operations.

There are 4 truck shipping/ loading zones, planned for perishable goods area, export warehouse and import warehouse, which provide customers diverse warehousing services all year round. 


Location Map of the International Freight Information

Location map of Taichung Air Station International Freight Station: International Freight Station, North Side Parking Lot, Domestic Terminal, International Terminal, Bus Stop, Arrival Hall, Small Car Parking Lot

Ground Plan of the International Freight Station

First floor plan: office, import warehouse, valuable product warehouse, scales, X-ray machine, office, export warehouse, refrigerator, machine room, toilet, elevator, machine room

Service Items

  • Cargo Clearance Storage
  • Air Cargo Ground Handling Agent
  • Office Leasing
  • Air Cargo Container and Pallet Safe-Keeping


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