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Accessible Service Facilities

One-stop barrier-free service

Our terminal facilities have been fully designed to be barrier-free, but what we pay more attention to is how to provide truly comprehensive, complete and demand-oriented services from the user's perspective. In order to create a friendly, safe and barrier-free space, we have conducted a comprehensive review and improvement in both hardware and software aspects. For the hardware facilities, a barrier-free space is designed, various barrier-free equipment are added, and groups with disabilities are invited from time to time to help check the suitability of various facilities; for the software services, a love service phone and an emergency service bell are set up, and a " Accessibility Hotline (04-26244100)" provides one-stop barrier-free services to the public, allowing love and service to extend infinitely!

Accessible service facilities

Airport terminal dedicated service  Wheelchair
Aviation service desk  wheelchair
Description:The airport has a barrier-free service counter with dedicated staff.  Description:Can be borrowed from the service desk or airline.
Dedicated public phone  Barrier-free and parent-child toilets
Dedicated public phone  Barrier-free and parent-child toilets
Description:2 domestic terminal halls and 4 international terminal halls. Description:There are 11 domestic terminals and international terminals in total.
Accessible elevator  Breastfeeding room
Accessible elevator  Breastfeeding room
Description:There are 2 domestic terminals and 7 international terminals. Description:Arrival area, terminal hall, internal waiting room, 6 rooms in total.

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